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Embracing Open Source Workflow Automation: n8n vs. Make (formerly Integromat) - A Comprehensive Comparison

Make (Integromat) vs. n8n


Make (formerly Integromat) and n8n are both valuable workflow automation tools. Make, with around 500 pre-built integrations and a price range of $9 to $299 per month, is an established player. On the other hand, n8n, a free, open-source tool with over 200 nodes, allows self-hosting for complete data control and the ability to create custom integrations. Transitioning from Make to n8n can be straightforward, thanks to n8n's user-friendly interface, detailed documentation, and active community. In essence, n8n emerges as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to Make without compromising on functionality.


The domain of workflow automation and integration tools has been continuously expanding, offering users a plethora of options. Today, we will be diving deep into two such powerful platforms - n8n and Make, formerly known as Integromat. We'll compare them on various parameters such as pricing, features, ease of use, and more to guide you in making an informed decision.

What is Make (formerly Integromat)?

Make, previously known as Integromat, is a robust tool for automating manual processes. It empowers users to create integrations and automate workflows between different apps without needing coding skills.

Make offers a free version, but for higher operations, data transfer limits, and premium features, pricing ranges from $9 to $299 per month.

It offers around 500 pre-built integrations, providing an extensive range to automate tasks across different apps and services, including Trello, Dropbox, Gmail, and more.

What is n8n?

n8n (pronounced 'n-eight-n') is an emerging player in the automation space. This free and open-source tool, launched in 2019, lets users automate workflows between different services. It also offers a cloud-based solution,, starting from $20 per month.

n8n's open-source nature allows users to host the tool on their own servers, ensuring complete data ownership and control. It currently provides over 200 nodes for apps like Slack, Trello, and GitHub, and this number is growing due to the active community behind it.

Comparing Make and n8n

Both Make and n8n have powerful features for creating complex workflows. Although Make offers more pre-built integrations, n8n's open-source nature allows for the creation of custom integrations to cover gaps.

When it comes to pricing, n8n has a definite advantage. While Make's premium plans can get expensive, n8n's free open-source tool provides nearly the same capabilities without the high costs.

In terms of community and support, n8n has an active, albeit smaller, community ready to help and share resources. Make, being older and more established, has a large community where users can find answers to common issues.

The Financial Advantage of Using n8n

The potential cost savings when using n8n over Make can be significant. Even if you opt for the n8n cloud-based solution, you'll likely save on costs compared to Make's premium plans.

Consider a business currently on Make’s Standard plan at $29 per month. Switching to n8n's cloud-based solution saves $9 per month, which adds up to $108 over a year. These savings could be redirected into other areas of your business.

The Feature Advantage of Using n8n

n8n comes with unique features not available in Make. Its open-source nature enables a high degree of customization, allowing modification of existing nodes

or development of new ones.

Furthermore, hosting n8n on your server gives you full ownership and control over your data, a significant advantage for businesses concerned with data privacy and security.

Ease of Transitioning from Make to n8n

The transition from Make to n8n can be relatively smooth with the right approach. n8n offers an intuitive user interface and detailed documentation to aid new users.

While challenges may arise due to the difference in the number of integrations, the flexibility of n8n allows for the creation of custom solutions. Additionally, the active n8n community is always ready to assist.


When choosing a workflow automation tool, it's crucial to consider both costs and functionality. While Make provides a comprehensive tool with an extensive library of integrations, n8n offers a free and flexible alternative that doesn't sacrifice functionality for affordability.

We encourage you to try n8n today and explore a world of customizable, cost-effective workflow automation. Remember, every penny saved can be a penny used elsewhere in your business!

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